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Absences for holidays in term time:  Only approved in exceptional circumstances, at the Headteacher's discretion 

Examples of circumstances that will not be approved: 

  • family wedding / birthday / celebrations 
  • holidays paid for by someone else / won in a competition
  • visiting family abroad in term time
  • financial considerations (cheap flights / holidays in term time) 
  • Needing "quieter times" due to stress / anxiety (it is always possible to choose a holiday in a quiet location) 
  • Accidentally booking the wrong dates (you can always ring school to check)
  • Running a business that is busy in school holidays


Parents must write a letter to the headteacher explaining the absence in advance. Retrospectice approval can not be authorised. If your child has poor attendance a holiday will never be approved, what ever the circumstances. School does not provide extra work for children on holiday, and does not agree that reading while on holiday, visiting galleries and museums or accessing "life experiences" represent an adequate replacement for full time education. On their return it is very likely they will be behind; in their learning; it will be up to parents to address this issue as again school does not provide additional work for pupils taken out of school for holidays. 



Attendance Management

When attendance falls to a level of concern, parents will be contacted by school to attend a meeting with our pastoral staff and / or Education Welfare Officer. Poor attendance will lead to medical evidence being required for all absences through the FastTrack process.

Regular poor attendance / unacceptable attendance will result in a penalty notice and / or prosecution. These can be very significant financial penalties. 

Therefore - if you are having issues with attendance, contact school immediately for us to see if we can help. Ultimatley though, you are responsible for your own child's attendance. 


Conflict resolution

Sometimes parents feel they can keep their child off school while awaiting a resolution to a complaint or issue. This is always recorded as unauthorised absence, which will contribute towards a penalty notice / prosecution. The only way to resolve a conflict is to engage positively with school staff.


Door times and Absence procedures

School Doors open: 8.50am to 9.00am (parents must supervise children on site before this time) 

Late marks: 9.00am to 9.30am. Bring your child to the front reception desk to sign in as late and explain why. 

Absence for illness: ring the school office on each day of absence to explain the absence. Please provide a specific reason (not just "poorly" or "not well"). If we don't hear from you we will contact your house to ask for a reason for absence. If you do not answer, staff will usually come out to your house to see where you and your children are. 

If you have requested a holiday, and this has been refused, absence during that period for "illness" may trigger a request for medical evidence and result in several home visits.