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In order to access learning, and be prepared for the next stage of learning, children must be able to read, fluently, to an age appropriate standard, at the appropriate speed (above 90 words per minute), and with clear strategies for decoding unfamiliar words. 

At Ash Grove Academy, we believe children should "keep up, not catch up" wherever possible, and we carefully plan and sequence our Reading teaching to acheive this. We organise our reading teaching in the following ways: 

- Early years and Year 1: in order to prepare children to read fluently and at speed, we utilise the "Read, Write, Inc" programme, utilising regular assessment and regrouping to ensure that children are systematically taught to read using synthetic phonics. 

- Year 2 and beyond: we teach regular small group reading sessions, with children of similar current reading ability. We use the "Big Cats" reading scheme, which is colour banded for fluency and comprehension. For children reading beyond these colour bands, we stock a wide range of high quality, challenging texts across the school. We teach children in these sessions by looking specifically at vocabulary, inference, prediction, explaining ideas, retrieving evidence and understanding the sequence (VIPERS) of the text. 

- Home reading: Children at an early stage of reading take home a phonically decodable reading book, as well as a self chosen reading book. Children who are "free readers" i.e. reading at a fluent level, have access to a range of "recommended reads", "favourite books", "author collections" and mixed books, all carefully chosen to ensure there is a range of challenge for all readers. Teachers carefully monitor children's how often children read, and the books they are reading. We provide attractive and well organised reading areas in all class room spaces and around the school building.